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  Module 3 - Theses on the themes of the first sub-module                                         Content


Arkadiy Krastev - Higher School “Agricultural College, Plovdiv - Bulgaria

      The present topic aims at acquainting the trainees with measures of limiting the pollution of soils and waters under various technologies of breeding animals in farms.


      1. Measures of limiting the pollution of soils and waters: kind and size of farm, technology of breeding the animals.

2. Efficient production in sheep breeding farms.

3. Pig breeding in a private farmyard – capacity and way of pig breeding.

4. Soil capacity of converting the manure to humus – kinds of soils and regions, processes of mineralization.

5. Cattle-shed breeding – solid and liquid organic fertilizers, storage and processing in depositories.

6. Preservation of soils in technological and healthy state:

      - Not to bring a manure in the field without being subject to biological and thermic-treatment.
      - To keep the norms of fertilizing the various soils according to the composition, technical state, etc.
      - To make an assessment of the fields for applying dry and semi dry or liquid fertilizers.
      - A continuous control of the healthy state of animals kept.

7. Measures under cattle-shed – pasture and seasonal breeding of animals,

      - under cattle-shed – pasture breeding of animals,
      - under pasture breeding of animals,
      - use of the pastures – systematic and unsystematic (free)