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  Module 3 - Theses on the themes of the second sub-module                                      Content


Plamen Petkov, Rumyana Kireva
Institute of melioration and mechanization, Sofia - Bulgaria


      Acquaintance of the matter and possibilities of applying the methods, technologies and techniques of micro-irrigation to farm grown crops, especially those of drip irrigation and micro-spraying, which ensure economical and rational spending the waters, preservation of soil fertility and protection of waters and soils from pollution and degradation.

      Acquaintance with principles, advantages and disadvantages, scope of application, construction and main parameters of the basic components of the irrigation infrastructure, technological particularities of various crops, effect of irrigation on the growth, irrigation conditions applied and effect of technologies and techniques of drip irrigation and micro spray irrigation in practice.

      Technologies of drip irrigation and micro spray irrigation

      Bulgaria is situated in the zone of unstable wetting as a result of which the irrigation appears to be a determinant agrarian and technical undertaking without which obtaining sustainable yields of high quality produce from most cultures grown proves to unfeasible.
      On the other hand, Bulgaria disposes of limited water resources and considering the occurring climatic changes in direction of warming and drying, the use of ecological consistent and water economical technologies, techniques and regimes of irrigation of crops is indispensable at present and in the following years.
      In this respect, large prospects are found in the drip irrigation and micro spray irrigation, which have already shown vast possibilities and the largest application as compared to all practiced methods and technologies of micro irrigation, based on various ways of localized supply of water and nutrients in the soil.