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  Module 3 - Theses on the themes of the first sub-module                                         Content


Arkadiy Krastev - Higher School “Agricultural College” – Plovdiv, Bulgaria

      Particularities of animal husbandry production connected with sustainable use of land and waters. Cattle breeding, sheep breeding, and pig breeding, and poultry raising


      The present topic aims at acquainting the trainees with the specific features of cattle-, sheep- and pig breeding, as well as poultry raising with a view to protection of land and waters.
      Choice of a suitable site to set up stock breeding farms and buildings outside the settlements of habitation.

More important requirements:

      - setting up the farm has to be on a low fertile land and under the level of the closest place of habitation thus avoiding pollution of waters and soils with farm wastes
      - the site has to be leeward of the place of habitation but defended against the predominant winds in the region
      - the site should not be located in the area of pollution from big industrial enterprises
      - underground waters have to be deep (below 3-9 m) depending on the system of fertilizer purification
      - the roads of service of the farm should not cross main roads or highways. The nearest animal husbandry farm should to be at a distance of 1-3 km/
      - the site should have a good water supply, a definite slope which allows gathering of waste waters in water basins for purifying.