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  Module 2 - Theses on the themes of the first sub-module                                         Content


Lars Emborg, Agricultural college in Boris, Denmark

• to ensure sufficient supply of food to the citizens
• to ensure an economic agricultural production
• to ensure sufficient supply of food to the citizens
it shall be cheap; import policies; price support/regulation
      B it shall be healthy; hygienic standards; hygienic control; regulation of the use of chemicals,
      fertilizers, additives
      C it shall be of high quality; quality standards; quality control
• to ensure an economic agricultural production
to give farmers and their families a sufficient income; income
      support; investment support; price guarantees; structural policies;
      production regulations; import regulations
      B to make agriculture and food industry to an important economic factor in the economy(export);
      export subsidies; research; support of commercialization and promotion support to advisory
• to regulate the rural area
• to avoid few people/companies control the agricultural production and the land use structural policies; criterion’s for being farmer; criterion’s for owning land; demand for residence on the farm; rules for farm size educational criteria
• to protect the rural population – avoid migration infrastructural measures; industrial policy; rules of heritage
• to ensure a good environment
• drinking water

      regulation of the use of chemical, fertilizers, cropped fields in the winter;
      schedules for supply of slurry and manure
      number of animal unit / HA
      criterion of educational level.