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  Module 2 - Theses on the themes of the first sub-module                                         Content

New policies:

      Since the beginning of the 1980’ies new policies have been introduced, either directly in the frames of the CAP or under other headings.
      New regulation based on feelings and emotions from the consumers (voters). It is characteristic for many of these regulations that they are not based on calculable facts and figures but based on presumes and fears. That makes new regulations unforeseeable. Also, since it is politics, some regulations seem to be out of proportion. As you may know the regulation decided in EU has to be implemented by members, the national states, which shall adapt their legislation to the decisions made. Also the national governments are responsible for the implementation and it is important to be aware of is that it has become more and more difficult to implement the regulations. A government can to day only implement the different directives and regulations if those who are concerned in the sector have the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding for coping with the demands given.
      What is the most important is that the farmers need to be educated and informed continuously during their whole professional life. To this you need a system for further adult vocational education and training and a well functioning advisory service.
       To make them able to take these responsibilities is a task for the national governments. It means information, education, training and advisory.