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Module 2

Theses on the themes of the first sub-modules

The present situation and the future challenges for the farmers and the agricultural schools

Main headings for agricultural policies

What purpose do farmers set up various farmers’ organizations and meet the challenges on?

The Dutch way of meeting the challenges

Water and Drainage – residues in soil and water

Theses on the themes of the second sub-modules

Sustainable development of agriculture in the European union (EU)

Capital and manpower – factors of sustainable development

Sustainable development – technological modules, expenses, economic results

Economics of the environment and the resources

Biological agriculture – prerequisite for environmental protection

Module 3

Theses on the themes of the first sub-module

Sustainable use of land resources

Sustainable use of land in different types of farms

The crop-rotation – an important factor of sustainable use of land. Sustainable use of land various types of farms

Protection of land and water from pesticides

Fertilizing under the conditions of good farming practices

Protection of land and water from organic fertilizers

Systems and mechanization of soil treatement during autumn sowing of grain - corn plants

Treatment of the soil for sowing earthed up (spring) cultures

Protection of land and waters during animal husbandry

Theses on the themes of the second sub-module

Improving the organization and the management of crop irrigation under the modern conditions in agriculture

Technologies and techniques of improved gravity irrigation of crops

Technologies and techniques of micro-irrigation of crops

Irrigation conditions and agrarian technological particularities of crop cultivation under irrigation

Theses on the themes of the third sub-module

Resources of the farm

A sustainable use of the vegetation biological diversity