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      The Higher School “Agricultural college” offers specialization in different fields – management, technologies and innovative practices.

      It works in a close cooperation with the Center for scientific-consulting service in Agriculture to organize annual and periodical qualification courses in the following directions:

      - Service in agricultural sector;
      - Modern technologies;
      - Development of projects and business plans for financing;
      - Organization and management of agripharmacy;
      - Pruning and formation of young and fruitful vineyards;
      - Agricultural land assessment;
      - Fish-farming and aquaculture;
      - Custom agency and custom control;
      - Infectious and parasitic diseases of animals;
      - Management of company security;
      - Public relations.

      The Higher School “Agricultural college” has agreements and approved practice to provide graduates with the opportunity to continue their education for B.Sc. and M.Sc. in leading universities.

      The center for additional training and re- qualification has been lead by Prof. Dr. Maria Popova and Prof. Dr. Sengalevich.