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Business management

specialists with higher education who seek a career in the field of business management and business administration.

      Forms of training: Full time 3 years; Part time 3.5 years

      The curriculum includes the following main subjects: business management, economics, business planing, marketing, English language, finances, accounting, business law, information technologies, business ethics, business psychology, etc.       The curriculum is flexible and provides students with the opportunity to have their own choice. Students study more than 20% of the subjects according to their interests, plans for the future and their abilities.

      The training is conducted by highly qualified professors, associate professors, assistants, specialists form the practice.
      The practical training is organized in a close bond between the innovative technologies and methods. Practical training and specialization in the European countries are offered to the students.

      Realization of the graduates:

       The specialty builds a new type of specialists combining motivation, knowledge and skills in the five major functioning parts of each management system: marketing, innovations, finances, production and labor force.
       The additional thorough language and computer competence gives an opportunities to the graduates to take important management decisions in the society.
       The graduates find jobs as managers in the agricultural sector and the processing industry and in small and medium agricultural enterprises.