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Technologies in horticulture and wine-production

      The course of study in this specialty is designed to prepare specialists with higher education in the field of production, processing and marketing of fruit, vegetables, grapes, essential-oil crops, herbs and flowers which are based on the requirements, norms and standards of the EU for organic production.

      Forms of training: Full time – 3 years; Part time – 3.5 years

      The curriculum includes subjects related to the technologies of production, processing and sale of bioproducts based on the European standards. Technological, computer and language preparation, national and international trade, agritourism, ecology are offered to the students.

      The practical training is conducted in Bulgarian and European farms, wine-cellars, orchard and vegetable farms, research stations, etc.

      Realization of the graduates:

      • As owners, managers and technologists in Bulgarian and European companies, which close the cycle of production of raw materials from production through processing and packaging to the final realization of the products at the market.
      • As an optional specialty students may study ‘Landscaping’.