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Contract ¹ BG/02/B/F/PP- 132008
Pilot Project on “Leonardo da Vinci” EU Programme

TARGET SECTOR: Agriculture, natural resources

Priority 1: Employability: to improve the quality and access to the vocational training systems

Project duration: 24 months


The specific project objectives are:

      - To develop and implement an innovative methodology and training programmes for training of young people.
      - To improve the qualification and skills of the young people in the management of sustainable farms.
      - Application of the “case study” method in ‘good practices’ research.
      - To promote the integration and re-integration of the young people at the labor market.

Target groups:

      The target groups are students from the agricultural colleges, farmers, managers of companies and other organizations related to the ecological problems of the agriculture.


      The TSULWF project develops and introduces original programs on the European standards of education of students from the agricultural colleges and company managers. Together with the introduction of a new training approach based on the research of the “good practices” or so called “case study” method, the trainees will acquire knowledge and practical skills for sustainable use of land and water in the farm. The improvement of knowledge and skills of the young people will allow them to be compatible at the labor market. The farmers will produce according to the European standards.
      The suggested training has an access to the acquirement of practical skills for analyses of the natural resources condition in farms by combination of the training process with the problem solving approach on issues related to the agriculture and environmental protection. This is a new way of thinking based on the dialog - discussion and respecting the other team members’ opinion, and analyses of the case studies.