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  Projects and activities


      - Based on the accessibility to the new training methods, AN UNIFIED EUROPEAN METHODOLOGY is developed through study of farms; analyses of the traditions and the applied techniques and technologies in the farms for conservation of the natural resources in the agricultural activities; to reach a high professionalism by study the new technologies according to the European standards and by application of the constructive approach – the trainees are trained to make suggestions for alternative decisions and to solve different problems
      - The project results will be disseminated and approved by development of new college structure for vocational training in agriculture “European center in sustainable agriculture”. It will be open for farmers and students that will have opportunities for professional contacts and access to the new farming systems.


      • Unified European methodology for investigative, analytical and constructive study;
      • Training programme by application of the “case study” method;
      • Training modules (incl. English language module);
      • Evaluation tools;
      • Materials for open distance learning;
      • Software (teaching/training system);
      • Certification framework;
      • Information/resource database.


      - Bulgarian Cooperative Union
      - Bulgarian National Water Association
      - Agricultural and Environmental College in Borris, Denmark
      - Larenstein International Agricultural College, Holland
      - Hadlow College, United Kingdom