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  Pilot farms

Orchard farm
Legal status of the farmer

       The farmer Georgi Ivanov Stoyanov – village of Voivodinovo, district Provdiv, address: 4003 Plovdiv, 8 Bulgaria Blvd., 1st floor, apt. 2, telephone number: 048930948 is registered in 1993 with a subject of activity: seed production and fruit production.
      · The farm is specialized in production of vegetable seeds – cabbage and leeks, and fruit-growing – strawberries and peaches.
      · The farmer has developed and realized a project on SAPARD Program for 2.5 ha strawberry plantation and 2.5 ha peach orchard. A new technology has been introduced which increases the production up to 30%. The strawberries are grown in 3 instead of 2 rows. The production is intensified, as 3 holes are made in the folio and there are 110 000 plants per ha. The technology patent is forthcoming.
Territory of production activity and realization of the agricultural production
      · The production activity is organized at a regional level.
      · The production is realized at a national level.
Farm resources
Natural resources

       · The farmer owns 12 ha arable land and 3 ha uncultivated land with a light mechanical soil content. Rivers and underground resources are used for irrigation.
      · The climatic conditions of the region are favorable for cultivation of vegetables and fruit crops.
      · Water resources – drillings with tractor pumps. There is a drip irrigation by use of an installation “EURO DRIP”. The system will be developed and modernized by a computer system of the company “Polymex”
      · The major crops grown: for seed production - 0.5 ha cabbage /variety of ‘Kiosse’/ with 150 kg per dka average production; and 1 ha leeks /variety of ‘Starozagorski pras’/ with 80 kg per dka average production. Strawberries – 3 ha; Peaches – 3 ha.
      · The farmer does not possess any agricultural machinery.
Labour resources
       · The work activities are performed by 30 externally employed seasonal workers during the period of harvesting.
      · The soil fertility is maintained basically through fertilization with liquid fertilizers applied through the drip system.
      · System of soil cultivation:

1. Regular cultivation between the rows in the strawberry plantation and in the peach orchard.
2. Basic pre-sowing and after-sowing cultivation on the cabbage field for seed production.
      · There is no local source of contamination of soil and water on the farmer’s field.
      · The farmer uses different sources of information like specialized newsletters and newspapers, brochures and advises given by scientists from the Higher School “Agricultural college”, Fruit-growing institute and the Agricultural University in Plovdiv.
      · A training based on the “Case study” method was organized in the farm with participation of four students coordinated by Dr. Svetla Tenova – Lecturer in Agriculture involved in the project.