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  Module 4

"English language training"


       Trainees improve their level of language competences with terms from the area of sustainable agriculture.

Module structure

1. Elements

       • Introduction in language training
       • Practical skills for carry out a conversation on the theme of the course.

2. Content

       The thematic units are based on the needs for English language training and are related to the topic of the project.

3. Prerequisites

       The trainees have studied English at school, college or they have practiced the language during their practical period in English speaking countries.

4. Objectives

       • To make students to practice their language skills
       • To improve their conversational skills
       • To extend their language knowledge and vocabulary

5. Skills

       Practical usage of English language in business environment.

6. Training method – conversation, dialog

7. Training materials

       •  Handbook for English training
       •  Glossary of the key terms on the project theme

8. Lecturers:

       • Maya Stoyanova – Higher School “Agricultural college” – Plovdiv, Bulgaria
       • Marian Stoyanov – Higher School “Agricultural college” – Plovdiv, Bulgaria

9. Sources

       • Handbooks, newspapers, newsletters, TV and other training materials