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  Module 3

„Sustainable use of natural resources in the farm”

First sub-module: Sustainable use of land in the farm


       The trainees acquire knowledge and practical skills for maintenance of soil fertility and protection of land from pollution.


1. Elements
       • Introduction to the problem;
       • Practices for maintenance of soil fertility and soil free of pollution.
2. Content

       The basic agricultural practices maintaining and preserving the soil fertility, like fertilization, soil cultivation, plant protection, etc. are covered according to requirements of the EU. The prerequisites for production of high yields, the ways of usage of low productive lands and other good practices are discussed according to the requirements of the integrated and biological (organic) agriculture.

3. Prerequisites

Introduction to the problem through the media: newspaper, newsletter, TV, radio and literature sources which are in disposal at the ECSA.

4. Objectives
       • Introduction to the characteristics of the main types of crop-rotation in conventional, integrated and biological (organic) agriculture;
       • How the farmers preserve the soils under the conditions of fertilizing with industrial fertilizers and organic manure;
       • How the farmers preserve the soil from contamination with pesticides;
       • Introduction to various systems of mechanization and soil cultivation.