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  Module 2

4. Objectives

    The trainees are introduced to the present situation and the challenges for the farmers in the EU:
      - The Danish way of meeting challenges?
      - The Dutch way of meeting the challenges?
      - The British way of meeting challenges?

5. Skills

      In accordance with the knowledge acquired about how the EU farmers meet the challenges and manage the natural resources for their sustainable development in the farm. The trainees acquire skills to perceive and analyze the problems and to take right decisions.

6. Lecturers

      - Lars Emborg Borris Agricultural college - Denmark
      - Jens Hald Boris Agricultural college - Denmark
      - Henk Jansen Larenstein International Agricultural college Holland
      - David Carey Harlow college United Kingdom
      - Philip Martin Harlow college United Kingdom

7. Sources: Theses on the themes; media, literature provided in the European center for sustainable agriculture (ECSA)

8. Duration of sub-module: 18h.