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  Module 2

„Agricultural policy and sustainable development of agriculture”

First sub-module: Trends of the agriculture policy in EU


       Trainees will acquire new knowledge about the major trends in development of agriculture in EU.


1. Elements
       • Introduction to the agricultural policy of EU
       • Main trends of agricultural policy
       • Organizing farmers in different farmers’ organizations
       • The Dutch way of meeting challenges
       • Water and drainage – residues in soil and water

2. Content

       The character of the common agricultural policy and the objectives that the farmers face with, the measures taken for regulation of the market, the prices of the agricultural products and their fluctuation, export and import, etc. are covered. Rights and duties of farmers, organizing farmers in various farmers’ organizations, how the European farmers meet the challenges are considered. The issues about the protection of land and water during the application of fertilizers in UK are also looked at.

3. Prerequisites

Introduction to the problem through the media, literature sources, etc.