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  Module 1

3. Prerequisites

      Introduction to the methods of training.

4. Objectives
      • The trainees to get skills to work in a team, e.g. to integrate themselves in thesociety; to
      discuss in a group
, clearly and motivated to prove the advantages of their thesis, but also to
to the other participants’ visions;
      • Trainees to acquire skills how to express their attitude about the discussed issues;
      • To carry out a dialog to each other.

5. Skills

      The trainees will get knowledge and skills for active activities in their own business.

6. Lecturers
      - Lars Emborg – Boris Agricultural college - Denmark
      - Jens Hald – Boris Agricultural college - Denmark
      - Henk Jansen – Larenstein International Agricultural college – Holland
      - David Carey – Harlow college – United Kingdom
      - Philip Martin – Harlow college – United Kingdom

      The pilot testing of Sub-module 1 was conducted after accomplishment of Sub-Module 1 of Module 2 in multimedia and traditional environment.