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  Module 1

„Methods of training”

First sub-module: Method of dialog-discussion


       The trainees to think and actively to participate in the training process and to acquire skills not only to listen to the others’ opinion, but also to defense their own vision on the issues discussed.


1. Elements
       • Introduction in the methodology of training
       • Introduction to the procedures of training

2. Content

       The trainees acquire new knowledge about the method of “Dialog-discussion”

Procedure of implementation of training:
       • The trainees introduce themselves and the area of their activities in education or agriculture;
       • The trainer presents the method with a short summary;
       • The target groups are formed as each of them consists of students, farmers, young teachers. Each group consists of 8-10 trainees;
       • Issues from the themes, which should be studied, are presented to anyone of the trainees, as an optimum technological time is given for discussion.
              - The trainees individually answer all the questions in written form;
              - Dialog is conducted between two trainees and a general opinion is formed on the               particular issues. All the visions are written down on the flip-chart;
              - Each group selects a representative – speaker who is going to conduct the discussion;
              - The final visions on the individual issues are approved with consent by the whole group               and they are put on the flip-chart;
              - The trainer/teacher analyses the answers and opinions and summarizes them.