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  Pilot farms

Animal-breeding and Plant-growing
Juridical status of the company

“Assenitza”, Region of Plovdiv
Address: Plovdiv, 94 Ivan Vazov Street, Tel. 0331/62384 and GSM: 0887805559.
Farmers: Alexander Kaishev – 33 years old and Nikola Kaishev – 36.

      The mixed farm /cattle-breeding and plant-growing/ Assenitza 96 Ltd. In Assenovgrad was established in 1996. It is specialized for milk production and fatten calves. In the present, there are 300 milking cows, 100 heifers and 200 calves.
The animals are from the breed of Holstein and Redholstein.

The core herd of 300 cows are used for milk production. The farmers has developed a project on SAPARD program for equipment in the milking room.

Territory of production activities and realization of the vine production
      · the production activity is organized at the regional level
      · the realization of production is realized at regional and national level

Farm Resources
Natural resources

      · The farm has rented 400 ha of cultivated land for production of the food for feeding the animals. The soil type is alluvial-meadow. Underground water sources are used for irrigation.
      · The meteorological conditions in the region are favorable for cropping and animal breeding.
      · Facilities of the farm: Storage – 500 sq. m., shelters – 100 sq. m., barns – 4000 sq. m. with massive constructions, feeding racks, farm yard, etc.
      · The depth of the underground water is 14 m. The barns are located 50 m away of the water sources.
      · Water sources – a river and own drilling wells for irrigation of crops, for the animals, for some other technological needs and as a drinking water.
      · The type of irrigation is gravitate. The quantity of the water used for irrigation is 2 watering using 1300 cub. m per ha.

      The major fodder crops grown in the farm are: 100 ha alfalfa – “Europe” variety, 100 ha silage maize “Florence” variety, 100 ha grain crops: wheat, barley, tritikale and 100 ha fodder peas.
      Animals: 300 cows, 100 heifers and 200 calves