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  Pilot farms

      There is 1 ha of land provided for each animal. There is no regime of limitation by time or number of animals per unit on the pastures.
      · The farmers have: 5 tractors, harvesters, sprayers, mowers, etc.
      · The production system is intensive.
Labor resources
      · There are 34 employees working in the farm. All of them are external employees, not family members.
      · The cultivated land has a medium soil fertility.
      · Fertilizing: Industrial fertilizers are applied /Cristalon/, as well as pre-sowing fertilization with Carbamid.
      · The agricultural production is harvested by machines and mowers.
      · The milking of the cows is made automatically with a central milk pipes.
      · The system of cultivation is as follwos: ploughing, harrowing, tilling, etc.
      · The main source of contamination of the soil and water in the farm is the manure. Its transportation is organized every day at a distance of 1 km.
      · In order to improve the conditions of the cultivated land and water in the region of Assenitza’96 Ltd. It is necessary:
      · Building of storage for manure;
      · Regulated usage of the pastures;
      · In order to improve the farm effectiveness, the farm owners realize that they need to attend actively to participate in different corporation, forums, qualification courses for the farm employees.