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  International activity

      The major priority of the Higher School “Agricultural college” is the international co-operation. Here, the stress is pointed on the students. The practical training gives them the opportunity to obtain the experience of the developed countries and to build the base of the future professional co-operation with foreign partners, to integrate and adapt the knowledge into the Bulgarian conditions of production and management.

      The major point of the International department is to create long lasting relations between the Higher School “Agricultural college” and higher schools and colleges from developed countries leading to improvement of the education system and the scientific and practical activities and as whole the European integration.

The expected results are:
      • Development of education system and its integration to the higher education in EU and other developed countries;
      • Development of international research projects, that promote to improve the level of the scientific activity in the Agricultural college;
      • Extend the practical activity and popularize the knowledge and skills of the high qualitative lecturers. The use of the foreign experience will promote the development of the agriculture.
      • Organizing the student mobility through organizing practical training and specialization in European countries.

The activity is managed by Prof. D.Sc. Rada Angelova.

Currently, the college is working on the following projects:

Leonardo da Vinci Program
“Sustainable use of land and water in the farm” – Pilot Project developed in co-operation with three partner colleges from EU countries;

Coordinating institution: The Higher School “Agricultural College”
Coordinator: Prof. D.Sc. Rada Angelova
      • Larenstein International College, Netherlands
      • Hadlow College, UK
      • The Agricultural colleges in West Jutland, the division in Borris, Denmark

Socrates Program: /Comenius 2.1./ - European integration in training of trainers from high agricultural schools - Three years project involving innovative methods in training which intends to develop a standardized program of European education for the trainers at agricultural schools;

Coordinating institution: The Higher School “Agricultural College”
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Maria Popova
      • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – School of Agriculture, Greece
      • International Training Center of the international labor, Turin, Italy