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2004              The new specialty in ‘Technologies of horticulture and wine-production’ is designed.

                     institutional accreditation of the Higher School “Agricultural college” – Certificate
                     ¹ 23/18.09.2003. Establishment of the Center for training in sustainable agriculture on
                     ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ Program.

2002 – 2004   Realization of international projects to the total value of 578 000 EURO on the programs
                     LEONARDO DA VINCI and SOCRATES – COMENIUS.

2002              Celebration of 10th anniversary of the Higher School “Agricultural college”.

2001              Realization of a project on PHARE Program titled: 'Re-qualification and encouraging of
                     the entrepreneurs’
activity in mountain agriculture in the Municipality of Rakitovo”.

2001              Inauguration of the new training and administrative college building, 78 Dunav blvd.

2001              Establishment of the Center for Culture and European integration at the Higher School
                     “Agricultural college”.

2000              The College received a positive evaluation by the National agency of evaluation and
                     accreditation. The College is transited to an independent higher school according to the
                     decision of Bulgarian parliament (Official Gazette, ¹ 95/21.11.2000).

1992 – 2004   Annual programs for practical training and specialization of students in UK, Denmark,
                     Germany, France, USA, etc.

1999              Realization of co-operative project with The Technical University on TEMPUS Program
                     in“Integrated information system for university management”.

1998              Realization of an international project on TEMPUS Program.

1997              The College was transformed into Higher School “Agricultural college” with the Decision
                     of the Government Council ¹ 18/27.01.1997.

1995              First graduates in ‘Agricultural economics’ specialty.

1993 – 1994   Participation in international projects on PHARE and INTERREG EU Programs.

1992             The Agricultural college was established with the Decision of the Government Council
                     ¹ 435/23.10.1992.