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Off-farm resources - External support systems or components that are not available on the farm including artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation sources or systems, as well as markets, labor, machinery, and funding.

On-farm irrigation efficiency - The ration or percentage of the volume of water stored in the soil root zone and used by the crop to the volume of water delivered to the farm.

On-farm resources - Internal support systems or components that are available on the farm including sunlight, natural fertilizers, seeds, biological processes, irrigation sources or systems, labor and knowledge.

Organic matter - Living biota present in the soil or the decaying or decayed remains of animals or plants. The living organic matter in the soil decomposes the death organic matter. Organic matter in soil can reduce soil erosion and increase moisture and soluble nutrition retention, cation exchange, and water infiltration.

Oxidation - A chemical reaction that increases the oxygen content of a compound; a chemical reaction in which a compound or radical loses electrons, that is, in which the positive valence is increased.