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Indigenous - Native to a specified area or region; not introduced.

Infiltration - Movement of water from the ground surface into the soil.

Infiltration rate - The rate at which water and the soil, or other porous material, in a given condition.

Inorganic plant nutrient - A nutrient such as phosphate or nitrate that stimulates plant or algae growth. Excessive amounts of inorganic plant nutrients, which may come from animal wastes and plant residues as well as fertilizer runoff, can cause both soil and water pollution.

Inputs- Items purchased to carry out a farmís operation. Such items include fertilizers, pesticides, seed, fuel, and animal feeds and drugs.

Insecticides - A toxic chemical that kills insects.

Integrated pest management - Ecologically based strategy that relies on natural mortality factors, such as natural enemies, weather and crop management, and seeks control tactics that disrupt this factors as little as possible while enhancing their effectiveness.

Intensification - The fuller use of land, water and biotic resources to enhance agronomic performance.

Intercropping - The growing of more than one crop species on the same plot of ground, where the respective growing periods overlapped for most of the cropís life cycles.

Irrigation agriculture or farming - Crop production using the application of water to lands primarily to provide the water for plant growth that is not provided by rainfall during the growing season.