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  Pilot farms

Ecofarm - village of Krumovo, Plovdiv region
Farmer: Snezhana Blagova

Tel./ Fax: 032 443103; GSM: 0888991625; -mail:

Production activity:
It is realized at local level
Realization of the agricultural produce: at local, regional and national level
Cultivated land: 0.6 ha vineyard /2 years old/ and 1 ha with glass frames for production of biological manure based on the Red Californian worms
Water resources: underground water is pumped by means of two drillings. The irrigation of the vineyard is utilized by pumps (open network) 3 l/m2 twice.
Building facilities: 40 m² home area; 60 m² greenhouse; 40 m² storehouse; farmyard- 500 m².
Soil fertility: It is maintained by application of biological manure /0.3 m3 per ha/ and by fertilization of the foliage with liquid fertilizers.
Applied measures for landscape design: The farm is hedged in with ornamental bushes.
Systems of soil cultivation: the vineyard is cultivated between the rows twice by the means of moto-cultivator (in spring and in autumn).
Type of farming system: Biological

Technology for production of biological manure

      The raw material for production of biological manure is animal manure, such as cow, sheep, pig, horse and poultry manure.

      About 500 kg of manure are required to feed a plot of 1 sq. m. for a year. A bed 1 m. in width and any desired length is laid out. Stakes at a distance of 30 cm. between them are fixed. A plain wire on the stakes is stretched. A cloth of porous material, which leaks excess water during irrigation, is laid on the wire. The wire serves as a support of the cloth thrown over the wire.In this way the bed looks like a wash-tub.