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First module: “Training methods"

   First sub-module: Method of dialog-discussion
   Second sub-module: Training based on in-field “Case study”
   Third sub-module: Distance learning

Second module: “Agricultural policy and sustainable development of agriculture”

   First sub-module: Trends of the agriculture policy in EU
   Second sub-module: Sustainable development of agriculture – economics of the environment and resources

Pilot testing: Organizing the training groups (Table 1)

Thesis on the themes of the first and second sub-modules

First sub-module:

   - Present situation and the future challenges for the farmers and the agricultural schools
   - Main headings for agricultural policies
   - What purpose do farmers set up various farmers’ organizations and meet the challenges on?
   - The Dutch way of meeting the challenges
   - Water and Drainage – residues in soil and water

Second sub-module:

   - Sustainable development of agriculture in the European union (EU)
   - Capital and manpower – factors of sustainable development
   - Sustainable development – technological modules, expenses, economic results
   - Economics of the environment and the resources
   - Biological agriculture – prerequisite for environmental protection