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Third module: “Sustainable use of natural resources in the farm”

   First sub-module: Sustainable use of land on the farm
   Second sub-module: Sustainable use of water on the farm
   Third sub-module: Resources of the farm

• Thesis on the themes of the first, second and third sub-modules

First sub-module:

   - Sustainable use of land resources
   - The crop-rotation – an important factor of sustainable use of land. Sustainable use of land various types of farms
   - Protection of land and water from pesticides
   - Fertilizing under the conditions of good farming practices
   - Protection of land and water from organic fertilizers
   - Systems and mechanization of soil cultivation during autumn sowing of cereal crops
   - Land cultivation for spring sowing of crops

Second sub-module:

   - Improvement of organization and management of irrigation of crops in the new conditions of the agriculture
   - Technologies and techniques of improved gravitate irrigation and sprinkling of the agricultural crops
   - Technologies and techniques for micro-irrigation of crops
   - Irrigation regime and agrotechnical characteristics of the crops grown in watering conditions

Third sub-module:

   - Resources of the farm
   - Sustainable use of plant biodiversity

• Pilot testing: Farms Case study

   - Ecofarm, Village of Krumovo, Region of Plovdiv
   - Vine production farm, Village of Junatzite
   - Fruit-growing farm, Village of Voivodinovo
   - Animal breeding farm “Assentza”, Region of Plovdiv
   - Bank Farm, UK
   - Mansfields Farms, UK

Fourth module: "English language training"

System verification

1. Analysis of the training based on the "Case study" method
2. Practical conference
3. Seminar-discussion
4. Feedback form
5. SWOT analysis