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  Pilot farms

Vine-growing farm
Legal status of the farmer

       Vine-growing farm owned by Georgi Petrov Georgiev – Pazardjik, 7, Rakovski Street, Tel. 034/ 54836 , GSM: 0889220804
       · The farm was established with a subject of activity – production of grape – wine varieties and cuttings
       · Vine-growing farm specialized in production of the “Mavrud” variety and vine-cuttings.
       The vine-caller has a capacity of 20 t of red wine.
       The vine-yard (2 ha) is located in the vicinity of the village of Junatzite, Municipality of Pazardjik. It was established 5 years ago on the own land with the “Mavrud” variety. The distance of planting is 2 m between the rows and 1.30 m between the vines. The supporting construction of the vineyard is built from concrete stakes and wire construction in three lines, as the second and the third lines are double where the vine-twigs are creeping to over-winter instead of binding. The cutting production is regulated by the State sort inspection.
Territory of production activities and realization of the vine production
       · the production activity is organized at the regional level
       · the realization of production is realized at regional and national level
Farm Resources
Natural resources
       · The farm covers 2 ha of cultivated land with an alluvual-meadow soil type.
       · The average temperature in the region is 20 - 22ºC and maximum humidity of 35 - 40%
       · Water resources – underground drilling wells
       · All the production is under irrigation conditions
       · Type of irrigation – gravitate using underground water
       · The major crop is the grape, the vine sort “Mavrud”, average production – 1500 – 1800 kg/dka.
       · The farmer possesses: a tractor – TK-25 A, sprayers and other trailer equipment.
Labor resources
       · The following employees work in the farm: 1 external employee and 2 family members.
       · The cultivated land has an average fertility, pH-5.0 – 5.50, an average reserve of N, P, K.
       · Fertilizing with the compound fertilizer Nitrofos (N:P:K) 10:10:10. The norm is 50 kg/dka. The fertilizing is applied by machinery.
       · The plant protection is considered with the ecological standards and the pesticides from the green list.
       · System of soil cultivation – 6-7 times per year – in spring, summer and autumn at a depth of 20 cm.
       · The harvesting of production is made by hand. The grape is transported by machines out of the vineyard.
       · On the farm territory, there are no sources of contamination of water and land.
       · The farmer follows the innovation technologies applied in grape production and uses literature and consultations.